Thursday, August 27, 2015

happy 2nd birthday!

happy official second birthday, nora!
i say "official" because we've been celebrating all month long!  with free treats here and a party there, it seems like every day in august has been your birthday! 

it amazes me how much you have grown up in the past few months, let alone year.  you are talking in almost full sentences and can communicate anything you need/want to us.  your words are pretty clear and almost everyone can understand what you're saying.  

your favorites:
peanuts, noodles, dip (PB, hummus, salsa...), grapes, blueberries, crackers, cheerios (go-go's), milk, and cheese. that's honestly about all you'll eat these days! 

little people, blocks, anything that makes an obnoxious noise, puzzles, any outside toy, and your baby dolls.  you have one doll molly (or as you call her, "oggie") that comes everywhere with you!

goodnight moon, the napping house, are you my mother?, pout-pout fish, flora the flamingo.  these are on a constant rotation in our house!

things to do...
go to the pool, beach, or park, go to the zoo and see the flamingos, and play outside with your friends.  oh yeah, and watch daniel tiger or curious george :) you LOVE going to gymnastics class!  every tuesday daddy takes you to "mastics" and you tell him you are so "sited!" (excited)

you're getting so much taller and bigger, too! you weigh 27 pounds and are 34 inches tall.  your hair has grown so much and has the sweetest little blonde ringlets in the back! we can officially put it into pigtails or a ponytail!

being 2 comes with it's challenges, too.  you LOVE to do anything and everything on your own.  your favorite phrase is "i do it, mommy" and you really do try to do everything on your own.  when you can't do it, you get pretty frustrated.  we're working on you asking for help.  it's pretty cute when you say "need help".  :) 

you love to help around the house and are getting ready to be a big sister!  you are going to be such a sweet big sister, i just know it!  

happy second birthday, my love!! mommy & daddy love you so very much!
mommy & daddy
opening presents 

playing with your kitchen & making mommy & daddy noodles :)

nora & grandma :)

happy 2nd birthday!!!

opening MORE presents! a very special book :)
august 27, 2013
august 27, 2014 (1 year old)

august 27, 2015 (2 years old!)

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