Friday, April 11, 2014

Nora's first trip to AZ!

dear nora boo,

we took our first family vacation last week!  i was super nervous about traveling with you, mainly flying on an airplane, but you never cease to amaze me and did so so well.  i am not a huge fan of flying, but i always promised myself to not put my fears onto you (i never want you to inherent my fears!)  let's start out with a little play by play of the week... 

monday afternoon we loaded up the car (no such thing as traveling light anymore!) and headed to the airport.  i like to get there with plenty of time, just in case... we quickly checked our bags & headed to get a quick lunch.  you loved looking around at all the people (just like mama!)  you did okay on the plane.. not great, but could have been worse.  you were in the midst of teething so you were fairly cranky and high maintenance. 
3 people...1 suitcase.  & golf clubs.  & a stroller.  & a car seat... 

such a trooper with your DOC Band... only a few more weeks!

we arrived in sunny, hot scottsdale & quickly headed to the pool! you LOVE swimming and playing in the water!  we got you a pool float, but you felt more comfortable swimming in mom or dads arms rather than the float.  

grandpa jim bought you a pack n play and stocked the house with diapers & wipes so we'd be ready to play as soon as we arrived!  you slept so well this week, probably from all the sun & water!

every day was filled with early mornings (5am to be exact!), lots o' coffee for mom & dad, long walks to starbucks, swimming at the pool, and exploring new restaurants.  

we saw a few family friends in az and got to see auntie cindy's new house, too!  

during the week you officially cut your first tooth and learned how to crawl for real, not just army crawl.  you started pulling up on things, too.  something about the beautiful weather brought out new accomplishments in you, i guess!

your dad and i loved sharing these memories with you.  we've been coming to scottsdale for the past 5 years together, and your dad lived there for a short time after college.  arizona holds a special place in our hearts, and will hold an even more special place now that we shared our first family vacation together there.  my mom (your grandma) still talks about the first trip they took with me when i was your age (believe it or not!).  i know you won't remember this trip, but your dad and i will never forget it.  we love you, boo.  

mama & daddy

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  1. What a perfect vacation! You have the best pictures from your trip. I love her bathing suit! I can't wait to go to Meadows this summer with you guys!