Sunday, April 27, 2014

8 months

nora baby,

this past month has just been so much fun with you!  you are learning new things every day and i love watching you explore the world around you.  you love life and don't want to miss a minute of it! your happy spirit and little spitfire personality are quite contagious.  if i'm having a bad day at work, nothing lights up my world like your little smile :) 

this past month has been a month of changes.  you officially learned to crawl.  and boy do you crawl fast.  especially when you have your eye on something you want.  you also pull up on your knees and will balance on your knees to play.  sometimes you'll pull up and stand up, too.  your legs are getting stronger and stronger every day.  you cut your first tooth while we were on vacation in arizona.  you are growing so much more hair, have chubby little legs, and are quickly outgrowing your clothes!  you also got sick for the first really sick--the flu bug hit you hard!  it was really scary to see you throw up in your sleep that night :( ever since then you became super clingy to me and only wanted to be held.  i'm okay with that, though :) 

you also started talking A LOT more!  you have so much to say and are constantly making noises.  in fact, on april 19th (your uncle kyle's birthday!) you said "mama" and "mum".  your grandma was there to witness!  now, i have no idea if you actually knew what you were saying or it had any real meaning behind it, but i'll go on believing that your first word was "mama".  you have yet to do it again though. 

we've enjoyed so many nice days outside this month and you went on your first swing ride!  on the nice afternoons, we like meeting friends at the park and going for long walks or runs. we also have been enjoying swim lessons every saturday with our yoga mom & baby friends!  you LOVE the water and splash the whole time you're in the pool. 

your first swing ride! 

hanging outside with the "wedding tree" 

i have NO idea how much you weigh these days, but i'm guessing somewhere in the 15.5 pound ballpark range.  i tried to weigh you at home, but you are so squirmy it doesn't really work.  we'll see at your 8 month dr appointment later this week.  

since you're crawling around so much, we had to "baby proof" our house...well, start baby proofing anyway.  i'm not ready to take down some of our vases and wine glasses, etc.  we just watch you extra carefully these days.  your dad put up the baby gates at the top of the stairs with the help of your grandpa.  we put some foam around the outside of the coffee table too.  i'm sure you'll be getting into everything pretty soon!

thank you, nora, for being such a sweet, smiley, happy, and loving baby. we love you to the moon and back! our mama & daddy hearts are so full!
mama & daddy

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