Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

today was my first mother's day.  a day i dreamed about for so long.  a day that i have always celebrated MY mother, but couldn't wait to celebrate as a mother myself.  for as long as i can remember, i have wanted to be a mom.  i watched my mother selflessly give everything she had for my brother and me.  she worked so hard our whole childhood to make sure that we had everything we could ever need, want, and dream of.  i am sure she sacrificed herself in many many situations just so we could get the "cool" pair of shoes, go on an extra vacation, and my very special american girl doll :).  although she worked "part-time" as a teacher, her job was always full-time, around the clock, as we know being a mom is a full-time job!  she raised my brother and me to be the best people we could be.  she taught us our manners.  (although i may have forgotten them for awhile in my college years) she taught us how to care for others.  she taught us to work hard and we could achieve whatever we set our minds toward.  in short, we wouldn't be who we are today without her (and my dad, too of course!) 

she is the reason i have always wanted to be a mother.  

if i could be half the mom she is, i think i'll do a good job at this mom thing. 

today i got to celebrate my first mother's day.  some days i am just in awe that this is my life.  our life.  that nora picked ME to be her mom.  i get to see her smiley face every morning. the pure joy in her eyes when she sees me.  i get to be the one that SHE calls "mama".  i get to teach her to be the best person she can be.  to teach her her manners (hopefully she remembers them during her college years!) i get to teach her how to put others before herself.  i get to show her that she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to.  to live her dreams.  it's a tough job, but it's the best job i could ask for.  i have a lot to live up to.  having one of the greatest role models in my life, i know i can do this mom thing.  
the day i became a mother

my day started out like any other... my wonderful husband, got up with nora in the morning and brought me coffee in bed.  as he was downstairs playing with her, i hear a banging on the stairs accompanied by "mama, mama, mama" when i came to the top of the stairs, she gave me the BIGGEST smile and said, "mama" in this little high-pitched voice of hers.  
that, that moment, i couldn't have asked for a better first mother's day. 

i love this little girl with my whole heart and am so lucky to be called "mama". 

i think she's kinda fond of me, too :)

never thought i'd see chubby thighs on this girl! 

the best picture we could get. curious little baby, sunny morning, and the happiest family on the block 

3 generations 

the girl who calls me "mama"

my role model in motherhood & life


  1. What a special day for you! Happy 1st Mother's Day! You do have a great mom! Always has been like a second mom to me! :)