Sunday, June 8, 2014

9 months

dear nora,
it's hard to imagine that you've been part of our family for 9 months already! while the time has flown by, we can't imagine life without you.  everyone says that 9 months is their favorite baby age, and so far... i have to agree!! you are such a sweet, happy, giggly baby that brings so much joy to our lives.  you light up the room with your huge baby smile! 
speaking of smiles, you now have FOUR teeth! two top and two bottom!  you use these little chompers to gum new foods... we've been giving you banana pieces, avocado, cheerios, puffs, pasta, broccoli, peaches, and watermelon.  you're starting to get used to eating "real" food.  you like to feed yourself, but you get frustrated that it's not as much as quick.  you don't mind the purees too much.  you started doing this funny thing where i'll feed you a spoonful of puree and you'll take it out of your mouth with your fingers, then put it back in.  just so you can "feed" yourself. 

you have SUCH the personality these days, little lady!  you started screeching (pretty loud!) when you want something.  you are funny, sassy, determined, and oh so curious.  you don't like to be held for too long because you are constantly on the move. you crawl everywhere, climb stairs, pull up on EVERYTHING, and even will stand for a few seconds unsupported.  we're still going to PT every other week for your torticollis, although it's looking MUCH better.  sarah, our PT, says you are reaching every milestone quickly and may be an early walker.  yikes... i'm really in for it, aren't i?! you are waving and sometimes it looks like this "raise the roof" wave.. quite funny!  other times you'll do a little queen-like wave.  you started clapping and will clap especially when lucy, the dog comes around.  you are getting really good at imitating something that dad or i will do.  if we blow raspberries, you will blow raspberries.  if we stick our tongue out, you will stick your tongue out.  it's so sweet and you are thoroughly entertained by this game!  

we went to the pool the other day and you LOVE the water!  this is going to be such a fun summer swimming at the pool.  you'll put your face in and try to blow bubbles.  it's so cute :) 

you're still sleeping 7pm until 7am and napping twice a day.  you're wearing some 6-9mo, 9mo, and some 6-12mo clothes.  this is the first time you've worn clothes that are the same age as you! you're finally growing, you little peanut :)  you're legs have these awesome rolls on them and i LOVE it! you finally have enough hair for a little baby clip, too.  i clip the bow onto about 4 hairs and you will leave it in for a decent amount of time! 

this past month we switched you into your "big girl" carseat and you could not be happier!  you love the extra space it gives you and it seems SO much more comfortable.  you aren't a fan of being confined, so as soon as you can get out you are happy.  you will make faces at yourself in the mirror in the car and it's so funny! you just started doing this little fishy face and you make yourself laugh so hard when you do it.  

i am so excited to spend the summer with you!  the next 3 (or so) months are going to be the best!  there's nothing i would rather do, than be at home with you! 
we love you, pookie! 

mama & daddy

no more pictures, mama!

okay, daddy....come home, please!

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