Sunday, April 27, 2014

DOC Band


just after you turned 5 months, we started our "DOC Band Adventure"... we knew that your head was a little asymmetrical from the torticollis (letter about that sometime soon...) and we decided to get a free evaluation for your head.  sure enough, you needed a doc band.  they classified your need as "mild to moderate", but since insurance covered the band and we knew that it was necessary for your growth, we knew that getting it would be the right decision.  
the day you got your doc band on

mommy & baby selfie

of course we had so many questions about the band.  would you be comfortable? would you continue to make all the necessary milestones? would people understand what this was all about?  fortunately for all of us, everything went perfectly!  

the day after your 6 month birthday you got your doc band.  we started wearing it for 23 hours a day and you took to it wonderfully!  you were not bothered by it one bit.  we took it off for one hour a day during our evening playtime and bath time.  in fact, throughout the past 8 weeks you grew MORE hair, learned to sit, learned to crawl, AND learned to pull up in your crib.  we loved having the band on for an extra "protection" during these milestones!  

the last night you had it on, i kissed your head one last time before bed with the band on.

the OT that we saw the past 8 weeks gave you a "graduation" card and i tried to take your picture with it... you seemed more interested in eating it than taking a picture.  
at our exit appointment

with the creepy head-on-a-stick 

i love being able to cuddle with you and kiss your sweet little head without the doc band on.  however, i am very pleased with the results and i think that you'll be happy one day that you can wear pigtails and have them be symmetrical! :) 

mom & dad

before & after pic 
i love looking at your sweet face without the band on :) those baby blues are just so sweet 

mommy & baby pic... you are way too busy to sit still for a picture these days! 

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