Monday, March 31, 2014

7 months

dear nora,
happy 7 months, girl!  this past month has been so fun watching you grow and develop.  you are such a happy, sweet baby who loves being around your family.  you love when your beloved grandparents visit and give you smooches.  you love crawling (yes, i said crawling!) after your puppy dog, lucy.  i can tell the two of you will be best friends one day :) 
this past month has also been one of the hardest for me.  since you are growing and changing so much, leaving you has become even more difficult.  every morning i walk out the door to go to work, my heart breaks.  i miss being with you every single day.  adjusting to being a working mom has been hard for me, but i hope one day you can see that as a woman, you really can have it all.  you can be a strong, independent, working mom and having a loving, caring family.  although, there is no greater job than being your mom.  i only hope that i can be a role model to you, as my mom is for me.  

this is the first month that we don't have to go to the doctor.  i have no idea how much you weigh, but i'm guessing somewhere in the 14 pounds ballpark.  you are strong, long, and lean.  you are wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.  

you have been wearing your DOC band for a month now and at our latest appointment, the OT said you only have to wear it for one more month!  a total of 8 weeks... not bad!  we also got the official go-ahead from our PT, sarah, that we can start doing physical therapy every other week now!  you are making such strong gains these days.  you are just about to cut your first tooth, too.  i can just see the bottom two under your gums and they feel hard to touch. you've been fairly cranky with these teeth ;) 

you've experimented with several different foods this month, but still like sweet potatoes with cinnamon and oatmeal with applesauce the best.  i hope you continue to be a good eater because we're still working on you gaining some weight! you are a very messy eater and it drives your dad crazy! i think it's pretty cute :) you try and put everything in your mouth... no matter what it is.  sophie, toys, tv remotes... 

this month you really started crawling so well.  you mostly do the army crawl and can get anywhere in the house in a matter of seconds.  you'll do a few crawl moves, but then belly flop on the ground.  you started sitting up for a few seconds unassisted, too.  you do all these things that make your dad and i think "wow, she's doing 'big baby' things!" you don't seem as infant-like anymore!  we bought baby-gates that we'll need to put up stat! this past month, you really started "talking" too.  you'll say "a-ba" or "a ba-ba" all the time.  when you're sad (such as during diaper changes or when we make you take a nap) you'll say "a boo-boo ba".  it's so sweet to watch you make new noises and baby-words. 

we also started swim lessons this month, too!  your yoga-baby friends are in our swim class and so far, you LOVE splashing around in the pool.  we leave for scottsdale, az today for spring break so we'll see how you like the pool for a whole week! 

we had fun during our 7 month photo shoot, but it's getting more and more difficult to take pictures of you since you are constantly on the move! 

you love your pacis!

big girl, sitting up 
oh, mommy's so funny!

love those baby blues
nora, thank you so much for letting us be your parents.  it truly is the greatest role i could ever play.  we love you to the moon and back.
momma & daddy

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  1. I loved the video and all of her pictures! She is so much fun and I love getting in cuddles with her. Our kids have so much fun playing with her and want her to come over to play in their playroom soon! The helmet is helpful during this time since she is getting brave and crawling around! :)