Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nora eats (and boy does she!)

well, boo...
you sure are shaping up to be quite an eater!  we started giving you "real" food when you were a week shy of 6 months old and started with Earth's Best Organic Oatmeal.  it was love at first bite.  you gobbled that oatmeal up right away!  

we celebrated your 6 month birthday with sweet potatoes.  i was worried that maybe you wouldn't want to try something different since you loved your oatmeal so much.  boy was i wrong, you giggled at your first taste!  they are even better with a small dash of cinnamon, too!
since then we've tried...
avocado (you could take it or leave it)
bananas (and now mixed in with oatmeal)
carrots (yum!)
apples (double yum!)
and... peas. this was a disaster! (pictures to come soon!)

i make all your food and it's been fun steaming and pureeing different foods for you.  i have always looked forward to making baby food for my baby one day, and now that time is actually here!  i look forward to mixing foods and playing with adding spices and other odds & ends to make mealtime even more fun for you!  maybe you'll still end up like your uncle kyle who would only eat butter, ketchup, bread, and carrots for the first 6 years of his life... 
either way, we've had a lot of fun eating people food these days and i look forward to trying many more foods! 
your first bite of oatmeal...

chewing on some organic mum-mums

sweet potatoes... i swear you liked them more than your face says right here!
this is how we feel about peas... (yeah, me too nora)

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