Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day

to the girls who made me a mommy,
it is because of you i get to celebrate this day.  you two light up my whole world.  all my life i have wanted to be a mommy and you two have made all my wildest dreams come true.  it is not easy being a mom.  it is a thankless, selfless, and demanding job. but one i enjoy (almost) every minute of!  it always seems both of you need me at the exact same time.  but i would give anything for you.  waking up to you each morning, saying goodnight to you each night, and looking at pictures of you when you're sleeping just because i miss you... kissing boo-boos, wiping away tears, in-the-moment-hugs, sweet sweet smiles, time-outs (oh there are lots of them!), "i yove you, mommy. you're my best friend"... that is what my life is made of.  this little family of ours is truly my greatest accomplishment.  
flamingos flock together.  my little 'mingos 

for mothers day, all i ever want is a picture of us together.  this becomes increasingly difficult as toddler years continue, but i'll take what i can get!  

my new beach cruiser & basket!

baby in a basket!
3 outta 4 :)

nora & evelyn, thank you for making me the happiest mommy! i love you two to the moon and back.

and of course, to the woman who is guiding me through this motherhood journey... to the woman who taught me all i know... to the woman i hope i can grow up to be... i wouldn't be half the mom i am without you.  you have taught me patience i didn't know i had, deeper love than i ever thought possible, and grace to walk about this life.  words could never explain all you mean to me.  i am so lucky to have you as my mama! 
your favorite child daughter :) 

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