Friday, May 27, 2016

8 months of evy girl

dear little evy girl,
8 months! i blinked and you became a baby on the move!  8 months of sweet little evy girl... it seems so short, but yet it seems like you've always just been a part of our lives.  
as we venture into the summer, i am reminising about last summer and how young nora seemed, how i was waddling around in the summer heat with you in my belly.  this summer will be quite the adventure for us girls!  the three of us travel as a pack these days... where i am, you and nora are in tow.  you can't miss us!  daddy has been loving his days home with you and nora on wednesday and thursdays.  grandma is kinda mad because she was supposed to watch you two lovely ladies on wednesday afternoons but daddy has taken over her duties.  our work schedules have been pretty opposite lately, but it's been nice for you girls to have two days home with your dad.  pretty soon though you'll get to spend all day every day with your mama!

well, where do we begin?! changes, oh the changes this month!
you totally sleep through the night.  rarely do you wake and need to nurse to go back to sleep. woohoo! i put you down around 7:30 and you sleep til 5:30/6, nurse, and back again til 7:30/8am. glorious!
two naps a day--one in the morning around 9:30-11 and again in the afternoon (same time as your sister!) 12:30-2:30/3ish. 

you are still nursing/taking bottles of mama's milk at miss kathy's. when i'm home with you you'll nurse about 5-6 times a day and when you're with miss kathy or daddy you take 3 5oz bottles. you LOVE to eat solid foods too! just about anything you'll take down, but your faves include avocado, bananas, oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes and applesauce.  we just tried yogurt for the first time this week and you enjoy it with a little blueberry or peach puree mixed in.  you can feed yourself avocado, bananas, peaches, pears, puffs, cheerios and mum-mum crackers. 

doctor stats:
you're weighing in at a heafty 15lbs 12oz (18th percentile) and are 26 and 3/4in tall (37th percentile)

pleased to announce that the reflux has calmed down SO much!  everyone said between 6-8months we would see an improvement and i found that so hard to believe back in the fall.  but sure enough, you spit up less and less.  you still have your days and moments, but you are not in pain, not on any meds, and it's just typically right after you eat.  woo hoo! 
yet another bad cold this past month right after i had it.  nothing a humidifier and extra nursing couldn't fix though :) 

- you are officially on the move!! you have been army crawling for quite some time now and finally got confident enough to get up on all 4's and make your way across the room.  you are constantly trying to keep up with big sis and will follow her anywhere she goes! 
- you are starting to pull up on things 
- you can go from crawling to sitting up back to crawling with ease
- you are sitting up and starting to pull up in your crib, so it's time to lower it again :(
- chatty cathy! you are talking up. a. storm. these days! you say "ma-ma" and "da-da".  nora will sit in her carseat next to you trying to get you to say different words and laugh hysterically at what noises and sounds come out of your mouth!
- you are getting the pincer grasp down pretty well these days and enjoy feeding yourself small bits of food
- stranger danger! when mama walks out of the room, cue the waterworks! 
- no teeth, lots of drool. 

you LOVE your lamby paci and lamby stuffed animal.  you rub it's ear between your fingers at night or when you're snuggling with lamby.  you hold on to the lamby's legs on the paci for dear life.  so sweet :) 
big sis.  she makes you laugh like no one else! your eyes are constantly on her and wherever she is, you must follow! i can't wait to see how your relationship unfolds. 
anything you can put in your mouth. 
shoes.  shoes.  shoes.  you would bypass any and all toys if we just let you play with shoes all day long! 
my necklace.  always searching for it and trying to put it in your mouth. 
being outside. you love the fresh air and are in constant amazement at all the things happening outdoors. 

so very random nicknames you have...
evypants, evs, evy girl, buddah...
(once i overheard nora talking to you and she said "whatevs evs"...must have heard it from daddy, but SO funny coming out of her little mouth!) 

oh evelyn jane, we love you so.  i am SO looking forward to spending the summer days with you! it's been a long last few months back at work after maternity leave and i just can't wait to wake up to your smiling face every day.  seriously, do you ever stop smiling?! you are the happiest, most easy going baby (until you're hangry!!!)
love you always and forever,
mommy & daddy

uncle jimmys graduation at notre dame!

playing with cousin rory!

is there anything sweeter than a sleeping babe?!

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  1. Oh how funny, our girls are only a couple days apart, and they are so much alike! They weigh the exact same, too!