Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our weekend

this weekend was the kind of weekend that you just really don't ever want to end. from the minute we got home from school on friday til the minute we went to bed, we were busy soaking up every minute together!! both of you girls were such perfect little ladies and we had such a great time together! 
friday after school we stopped by the Favia's house and played outside with nate, kylie & brianna. It's so nice to finally be able to do this!!

Saturday started bright & early. We headed to Lincoln park zoo with Kyle & papa. Uncle Kyle was visiting this weekend to celebrate his and papas birthdays. We met grandma for lunch and headed home late in the afternoon. Car naps for both of you, as you both were exhausted from our day at the zoo!!

Evelyn, this was your first zoo trip!! Clearly you could care less about what was going on, but just loved being along for the ride with your big sis!
Nora, as soon as we got there you kept asking to see the 'mingos. The monkeys were a close runner up :)
 Then we headed to grandma and papas for a birthday celebration and ice cream cake! Which totally rocked your world. cake + ice cream in one?! 

Sunday started early as you spent the morning with Kyle, grandma & papa and talking Oliver for a walk so mama could go to church. the entire day we played outside, went for walks, picked weeds, rode bikes, blew name it. 

Weekends like these make me so excited for the summer to be here!! I cannot wait to spend every day like this with you girls. Both of you really are happier when you're in the fresh air and sunshine, just like your mama. 

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  1. So happy we are able to see you guys outside again with the nice weather!! Evy is always so happy! :)