Friday, October 11, 2013

scenes from our week

nora baby,
here are some pictures from our week!  you turned 6 weeks on tuesday and we were quite the busy family! 

after a rough night, we had a lazy sunday in our pj's 
waiting for our x-ray & ultra sound... we had a busy day at the doctors on tuesday.  you got an x-ray of your neck and an ultra sound of your hips... fortunately, all is okay! :) 
modeling your baby gap threads

big yawns on our walk with mommy's yoga friends
of course you slept through most of the pumpkin patch visit

our trip to the pumpkin patch

you wanted to call it quits with our photo sesh 

wearing tyler's pumpkin hat... my little punkin with the pumpkins! 
tummy time
oh so attentive! 

mommy & daddy 


  1. I love the pumpkin patch pictures! She still is so tiny! I miss her and need to get in a cuddle soon!

  2. She looks just like Nick in the tummy time picture!!