Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 months

little miss nora,
you are two months old today! i have loved every minute of the last two months with you.  i am so grateful to be your mommy :) every day you change so much and i love being able to watch you grow.  

we took you to the doctor for your two month appointment this past week and you weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces (can you sense the sarcasm?!) you are still quite the tiny peanut.  you are 21 1/4 inches long.  at your doctor's appointment you had your first round of shots.  i think this was harder on me than you :( you were such a trooper! we took you straight home and gave you lots of cuddles all day long! you were otherwise healthy at this appointment.  we are still doing physical therapy with you and it takes up a lot of our day!  we go once a week to see sarah, your physical therapist and we do stretches with you 8-10 times a day.  i hope we'll start to see improvement with your neck soon! 

you still have your beautiful blue eyes (i wonder if they'll stay blue?!), long fingers and toes, little legs with hardly any rolls, and light brown hair.  in some pictures it looks a little reddish, but not up close or in person.  most people say you look like daddy, but our baby pictures look identical! 

the past three weeks or so we've been on a semi-regular schedule and you seem to be loving the predictability of life.  i guess you are your mama's daughter! you eat every 3 hours and go down for a nap about an hour and a half after eating.  you've been sleeping in your crib for all naps and nighttime. recently, we've called you "no nap nora" because you've been boycotting naps any longer than 20 minutes, especially in your crib! i guess that just means more snuggle time for mommy & nora! (it's exhausting some days, though!) you're still learning how to self-soothe and still prefer taking naps in your swing.  AND... this past week you've kinda have been sleeping through the night.  i guess i shouldn't say through but definitely longer stretches.  we do a bedtime routine every night of bath, books, & bottle.  you go right to sleep after this around 9pm.  i think we will start to give you an earlier bedtime because you've been skipping your evening nap and getting really tired before we start our bedtime routine!

you still are wearing 0-3 month clothes, although they are fairly big on you.  you've gotten a lot of new outfits lately and i am excited for you to wear them! 

your favorite things are still the swing, the stroller & walks, your play mat, and your pacifier!  oh man, what would you do without that pacifier?! (ugh...) i put you in the bumbo once this week just to try it out and you didn't hate it! you enjoy mirrors and black & white books, too.  you love looking at lights and fans--they always catch your attention!

rolling over! 

this past month you started smiling and cooing!  hearing you talk is just the sweetest sound!! i wonder if you'll be a chatterbox like your mama :) you are holding your head up much better these days, too!  you don't seem to hate tummy time as much and are so alert when you're awake. you even have rolled over a few times! you roll tummy to back and always to the right side. 

we had your first road trip, hotel sleepover, wedding, baby playdate, and visit to the pumpkin patch this month!  

thank you for letting us be your parents... it is the best job in the world! 
all our love,
mommy & daddy xoxo

my lil punkin with the pumpkins! (you were so not happy about this!)
with all your yoga baby friends! (clearly you didn't get the memo about looking to the right...)

happy 2 months! 

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  1. She is so cute in all of those pictures! Great job on rolling over, Nora! It is crazy that all of your friends from yoga had girls! :)