Thursday, October 31, 2013


happy halloween, nora! 
better late than never, right?! i was hoping i'd be better about updating your letters... 
anyway, here are some pictures from your very first halloween!  you did not have a costume this year, as most were too big for your tiny little body!  you had plenty of fun halloween outfits though!  

we started off by celebrating with the favia's for a halloween brunch the sunday before.  

each day the week leading up to halloween you sported a different halloween outfit... so many to choose from!

on halloween, you went trick-or-treating to gigi & grandpas then to grandma & grandpa's.  we ended our night at the favia's for a spooky halloween dinner!  you got lots of cuddles in this night with some of your favorite people! 

our final halloween adventures ended with a fall fest at brooks' house.  of course, i forgot to take pictures that night!  you met a few other babies that night!  

i  hope you enjoyed your first holiday!  i'm already thinking about what you can dress up as next year.  i know i have a few more years left of choosing your costumes then you'll want to choose them yourself!  i promise i won't make you wear anything you don't want to wear!! 

happy halloween, nora!
mom & dad

our lil punkin posing with her pumpkins (and lucy!)

ok i know this was mean, but it was too funny not to take a picture! 

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  1. I loved spending Halloween night with you guys. She is the cutest little pumpkin ever! I am already looking forward to her first Christmas!! She will love the cookie baking tradition! :)