Tuesday, September 10, 2013

two weeks

Dearest Nora,
Today you turned two weeks old! How did we get here already?!

today we went to the doctor again for a 2-week weight check. you weigh 7 pounds and 6.5 ounces.  you were doing so well putting on weight the past week or so, this week wasn't as great.  you are, however eating and pooping a ton so the doctor wasn't too worried.  we'll go back again next week, just to make sure.  i guess you really are a tiny peanut!  (PS-when I call your "cousin" brianna a "peanut" she responds with, "I'm not a peanut, you're a peanut! i'm bri!")

this past week you slept pretty good.  you only had one night where you weren't too interested in sleeping.  usually you nurse and fall right back to sleep.  since you hate having your diaper changed, we change it in between the feeding.  this seems to be more comforting to you, especially at 3am!  sometimes i even have to wake you up to eat after 3/3.5 hours! thank you for letting us get some sleep during these first two weeks!  we can only hope this continues :) during the day you seem to be on a pretty typical 2.5-3 hour schedule.  you eat, are awake for about 30-60 minutes, and then fall asleep again.  you like to sleep in your swing and car seat.  we've tried a few naps in your crib and you don't seem to mind that! however, your favorite is to sleep in mommy's arms (i don't mind!!)

you're eating pretty well, too. you get hungry about every 2.5-3 hours, sometimes more often in the evenings.  you're really good at showing us your "hunger cues" and we are now able to read them before you get too anxious.  we love when you are just about to nurse, you shake your head back and forth with your mouth wide open and get so excited to latch on!  right now you are exclusively breastfed and pretty much only nurse.  dad's been able to give you a small bottle once or twice, but you seem to eat best with me for right now! we'll work on this later though :)
snuggles with aunt kristen

you're still wearing only newborn clothes... you are such a tiny peanut!  you have a bunch of clothes to look forward to wearing... your closet looks better than mine!  before you were born your dad said "my daughter will be the best dressed babe on the block"... he sure wasn't kidding! :)

visitors this week included your aunt jocelyn and your future hubby brooks!  you also got to meet your great-grandpa.  We call him Gramps (your dad's grandpa) and he is the sharpest grandpa i know. he seems to think you are one pretty little girl!
gramps & nora 
you ALSO got to meet your great-grandma (your mom's grandma)!  she was so excited to meet and hold you.  she brought you a sleep sack for you to wear when you decide you're done being swaddled.  she sure knows what you'll like!
great-grandma & nora 
your favorite things this week are still pretty much the same... the swing, the stroller & your fingers! we have taken to calling you a few different nicknames...peanut, punkin, squishy... wonder if any of them will stick??? (no idea where they came from, either!)
you had a pretty eventful second week of life!  on wednesday you had your newborn photos taken. you cooperated pretty well in the beginning then decided you were done with the photo shoot... we had to nurse you back to sleep to finish up a few more pictures.  our photographer was VERY patient with you and we think she got some great shots!  we're looking forward to seeing them! you also went out to lunch AND dinner for the first time... you slept the whole time!  your dad & i like taking you places because it helps get us out of the house and you are so easy to travel with right now.  although our trips are short, they are much needed!  in addition to your oh so busy week, you lost your cord stump on thursday!  it kinda scared me at first--i thought i did something wrong that it came off so soon--but i guess you were ready to shed that last connection between us :( (it did bring a tear to my eyes...)
nora, we were right... the days and weeks just keep getting better and better with you around! we love you oh so much!
mom & dad

nora & brooks... future besties!
bath time! 

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  1. She looks so tiny and cute in her crib! Your grandma has the biggest smile on her face. Nora is so lucky to have so many people in her life that love her. You are doing such a great job, Em! I look forward to my cuddles with Nora and the kids can't wait to meet her.