Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 weeks!

baby nora,
you're three weeks old today! i know most moms must say this, but i cannot believe how fast time is going!  while i am excited to see you grow and reach certain milestones, i am going to miss you being such a tiny, squishy peanut!  good thing for me, you still got lots of time! :)

we took you to the doctor again this week for another weight check.  you gained 5.5 ounces and now weigh 7 pounds 13 ounces... a whole pound more than when we left the hospital! we'll go back again next week for your one month check up (ah, seriously..already?!)
this week sleep has been up in the air.  some nights you'll be up only 2-3 times and fall back to sleep after nursing, but others you sure seem to be fighting sleep!  these make for definite coffee mornings for mom & dad! you sleep really well in the car, stroller, or swing still.  we've been using the baby k'tan & ergo carriers a lot this week and they are fabulous!

you're still mainly nursing every 2-3 hours with a bottle here or there of my milk.  daddy likes to give you a bottle in the mornings.  it's your special time together :) we went to a breastfeeding support group this week and learned a lot.  apparently, we're doing this thing correctly!  it was nice to meet other new moms, too.

this week you reached a new milestone with clothing!  gigi was over on sunday afternoon and when she and your dad were dressing you they noticed your feet didn't fit in a newborn sleeper! you were all scrunched up in it.  we put you in a 0-3 month sleeper and you fit perfectly! crazy that in only three weeks you're growing so much! i wonder how long you are now... we'll find out next week!

you had a lot of visitors this week!  your aunties cindy & sue came to hold you and brought us a bottle of (much needed) wine. you also got to meet my parents oldest friends, larry & karen.  they just loved holding you and reminisced about holding me when i was that tiny! saturday night grandma came to rescue mom & dad (we were up ALL night the night before!) and we went out to have a quick burger & beer and caught part of the Purdue vs Notre Dame game.  sunday gigi came over so we could run a few errands.  it was raining and we didn't want to take you out.  monday night my friend jackie came over to cuddle with you!  she has been a very, very helpful friend in the baby-department.  her daughter was born in november and jackie has loads of advice for me! i can't wait for you to have a playdate with her daughter!

we got a few new baby gear items this week that you seem to really enjoy.  you are obsessed with the pacifier.  it seems to be the only thing that calms you down sometimes.  however, you still push it out, then cry when it falls out.  we found the wubbanub seems to do the trick and you like to hold on to the little lamb, too! we also got an ergo baby carrier with the infant insert and you fall right asleep when put in this!

no real big milestones this week, but you do seem to be much more alert these days!  we did a few firsts this week... our first trip downtown for a walk on the lakefront.  it was a beautiful day and you slept the whole time!  you and i also had our first "girls shopping trip" to nordstrom! i found a few new outfits for you to wear this fall/winter.  of course, you slept the whole time! one day i hope you love going to nordstrom as much as i do. although, i'm sure your dad would much rather have you not follow in my footsteps when it comes to shopping!

nora boo, we love you.  sometimes i wish time would just stand still so i could enjoy all these newborn snuggles forever.  we have a big week coming up this week with your dad's & my birthdays and your one month birthday!
with all my love,

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  1. What great pictures this week! I especially like the last one with her smiling and the one with the beach in the background! We will be taking many trips there together as she gets older! :)