Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Week Old

Baby Nora,
Today you are one week old!  This past week FLEW by!  We spent our days mostly at the hospital and the pediatrician's office.  We came home from the hospital on Thursday and went on our first "outing" to the pediatricians and the hospital to get your bili levels checked.  They went up, but fortunately a few days later you are cleared of jaundice!  
You weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces at birth and we left the hospital with you weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces.  At the doctor's office on your one week birthday you officially were back to your birth weight! You sure are growing fast :) (maybe a little too fast for mommy's liking....) 
Right now you are sleeping most of the day and night.  Each day you are awake more and more and we love seeing your navy blue eyes wide open!  You seem to be up for a little bit after nursing and then conk out for an hour or two.  You're sleeping well at night, too.  The past few nights we've been up every 3-4 hours or so.  You nurse and then fall right back to sleep.  Hopefully this stays this way! Right now, you're sleeping in our room and daddy will pick you up when you awake and bring me to you to eat.  You try and take naps in your crib, but mostly end up napping in someone's arms, the swing, or your carseat while we're on a walk. 
You're eating so well, too!  Fortunately, we've had a good start to nursing and although you fall asleep so easily while eating, I know you're getting enough because you're growing, putting on weight, and pooping galore! 
This week you are only able to fit in newborn clothes.  I tried to put a few cute BabyGap 0-3 outfits on you, but you are swimming in them!  You are mostly wearing newborn onesies and pj's.  You are just such a tiny peanut!
Since this past weekend was Labor Day Weekend, you had quite a few visitors!! You got to see GiGi, Grandpa, Uncle Terry, Uncle Mike, & Uncle Jimmy one night for dinner.  You also got some great cuddles in with Aunt Kristen & Uncle Mike.  Their kids are just so excited to meet you one day, too! Most importantly though, your Uncle Kyle came home from school to meet you for the first time.  He was in awe how tiny you were and LOVED holding you!  I'm a little sad that he doesn't get to see you so often during your first year, but hopefully he'll come home as often as he can to see you.  He sure loves you bunches! You also got to have dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  You were quite fussy, but loved the cuddles you got from them! 
Uncle Kyle & Nora 
Aunt Kristen & Nora
Uncle Jimmy & Nora
Some of your favorite things thus far include the swing, the stroller, and your hands!  You love being able to suck on your fingers and feel your hands on your face.  We try and protect that perfect beautiful face of yours, but we know it makes you happy to have your hands on your face.  After all, that's how you were in the womb.  Every time we took an ultrasound picture of you your hands were covering your face! 
A few milestones from this week include coming home, your first walk, your first trip to Target, and your first bath!  You are not a fan of baths just yet... you cry the whole time and it breaks our hearts.  Hopefully soon you will love splashing around in the water! 
first walk with Lucy

First Bath!
Nora, we love you so much and never knew a love like this existed before.  Our days are filled with trying to make you happy and comfortable.  We love listening to your coos and grunts and laughing at all the cute faces you make! This has been the best week of our lives and we know it's only going to get better and better! 
With all our love,
Mommy & Daddy 
love those blue eyes

our family :)

one week photo shoot

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  1. I love her 1 week photo and her beautiful blue eyes! I am in love with her already! What a sweet little girl. So happy to be her aunt! :)