Friday, August 2, 2013

one more month

Dear Little One, 
in just one short month, your daddy and i finally get to meet you!  we have anxiously been awaiting the day of your arrival.  the past 8 months we have kept busy by reading lots of parenting books, registering for baby gear, and furiously getting your nursery ready!  your dad is still working on putting the final touches on your nursery, wanting everything to be perfect for you.  he is very proud of his work!  i have washed all your clothes, blankets, and sheets! there is nothing i love more than going into your room in the early morning hours and looking at all we have done so far, knowing you will be sleeping in that room soon!

last weekend we finished up our baby classes and we think we're all prepared for your arrival!  this week we have to get your car seat inspected :) not much left to do now but wait!

i want to share some of my favorite moments from the last 8 months with you... these are all very important people in our lives and will be in your life, too!

your "big sister" lucy! 
i thought i was sooo big here! (maybe 14 weeks or so)

our gender reveal party ... boy or girl?! 

kylie cannot wait for your arrival! 

it's a girl! 

your first pair of shoes! 

grandpa jim, gigi, uncle jimmy & uncle mike (your dad's side of the family)

grandpa, uncle kyle, & grandma (your mom's side of the family)

two very important ladies in my life.. your baby shower hosts! aunt brandy & aunt dana
the greatest aunties in the world!  
about 32 weeks... 
the next four weeks we will be busy making all the last minute touches to make our home ready for you!  we're going to try to enjoy a few date nights and enjoy what is  left of our summer!  it is a bittersweet time... it's the last time it will be just your daddy & me and there is nothing i hate more than the end of the summer, but we are just so excited for you to be here!
all our love,
mom & dad


  1. It is so fun checking in on the nursery and imagining what it will be like when it it filled! I can't wait to meet your baby girl! I am excited about your blog too!

  2. OMG! It's almost time. I cannot wait. I am so anxious for you and Nick and for the Grandparents too! I cannot wait to meet baby "G". xoxoxoxoxox

    Keep the info coming.