Tuesday, August 20, 2013

home stretch

Dear Baby Girl,
We're officially in the home stretch now!  In just about two weeks, you'll be here!  I'm secretly hoping a little less :) Your dad & I are getting anxious for your arrival!  

The past two weeks have been very busy!  Your dad and I got out for quite a few "date nights".  We had our friends Dana, Tim & their kids over for dinner one night.  Their kids, Kate & Tyler are SO excited to meet you!  They keep asking when you're going to be here and they give small gifts to you... glitter-painted rocks, wild flowers... and they LOVE your "big sis" Lucy!  We also had a very nice dinner downtown at Fulton's On The River, thanks to your grandma & grandpa's gift certificate!  It was so nice sitting across the table from your dad talking just the two of us about all the wonderful things that are to come for our family so soon.  We had dinner with Aunt Kristen & Uncle Mike downtown one night, too.  We introduced them to our fave BBQ joint, Smoke Daddy.  There will be many trips here with you in the stroller, too!  Good thing, because it is straight down the block from your future husband's house (Baby Brooks).  
This past weekend I went to a yoga class at my local studio.  The instructor was new to the class and she was fabulous.  She asked us to set our intention for our practice that day.  My whole yoga practice that day was focused around you... the intention I set was for you to have a healthy and happy entrance to this world.  I hope that yoga is something you and I can do together one day.  I love doing yoga with MY mom and I hope you love doing it with YOUR mom! :) I have thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal yoga experience the past 9 months and I hope you come out ready to do some downward dogs and sun salutations!
I started back to school this week, too.  All my teacher friends are asking about you and if I'm ready to meet you.  My students are also very excited for your entrance to this world!  You already have so many people ready to meet you and shower you with love.  You are one lucky babe.  
Now all that's left to do is wait... and wait... I keep telling myself the longer you are in my belly, the more you will be able to grow!  I go to the doctor tomorrow evening and I'm hoping it's our last prenatal doctor appointment! I am anxious to hear what she'll tell me! 
We already have so much love for you and spend all our free time talking about you... who you'll look like, what color hair you'll have, if you're going to be afraid of the dark :), and who's personality you'll take after!  
Here's to hoping we'll be meeting soon!
mom & dad
k & ty talking/listening to you!

your future hubby, brooks and his beautiful mommy!

back to school flowers from your oh-so-romantic dad :) 

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  1. We can't wait to meet you, little girl! I love you so much already!