Friday, August 2, 2013

dear friends and family...

Dear Friends and Family,
It's hard to believe that in one short month we'll be meeting our little girl!  We created this blog to keep friends and family updated with all the little happenings in our world.  Hopefully I'll remember to update it often enough to keep you in the  loop.  We'll be writing letters to our little girl on here and I'm hoping to use this blog as a "modern day baby book".  Life happens so quickly and we want to remember every minute of it raising our daughter.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting our  "one sweet world'!
em & nick

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  1. Dear Sweet Baby G...grandma and grandpa can't wait to squeeze you! It seems as though we've been waiting forever for you to arrive, so hurry up! Our little girl is growing and growing with her own little girl, who is about to be born in just about one short month from now.
    Your mom and dad are so excited about your arrival and they already love you to pieces. So, hurry up and get here!