Wednesday, May 20, 2015

life lately

nora boo,
just wanted to put some pictures up of our life lately... nothing too exciting these days, but lots of new things you're learning and saying!  
mommy: "what does mommy call you, nora?"
nora: "boo boo" (said with a big smile on your face!) 
* you're learning your nicknames already :) 

we've been spending our afternoons going for walks, going to the park, and lots of outside play time!!
 i am counting down the days until school's out for the SUMMER! 

you saw an outdoor playhouse this weekend and wanted to play in it SO badly!! you said, "papa, have it?!" "pease?!" sorry boo, papa isn't going to buy you everything you ask for!! but it was sweet :) life lessons learned early on :) 

ice cream in a cone... very exciting! 

reading "moon" with Gigi


smelling the flowers with mommy

love these people :)

park fun 

hangin' like a big girl at grandma & papa's

the calm before the storm... balloons popping might be the worst thing in the world to a toddler!

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