Wednesday, May 13, 2015

baby g #2

nora boo,
well it's true... you're losing your title as "only child"! your dad and i are going to have another baby!  we could not be more thrilled to give you a sibling so close in age! you two will be just about 2 years apart.  it's our hope that you will grow to be life long friends. 

you don't really understand the concept of "new baby", but you know there is a baby in your mommy's tummy.  if we ask you where the baby is you say "mommy. tummy!" and point to my tummy or try to pull up my shirt.  you think you have a baby in your belly too :) nope, just a lot of noodles & cheese! 

right before mother's day your dad and i were able to see the baby at the doctor's office and find out if it is a boy or girl!  when we asked you what you thought the baby might be, you said "boy" or "brother" more often than "girl" or "sister"... 

after we went to the doctor's office on friday, we brought a giant box to party city to be filled with pink or blue balloons... we didn't know what the gender was at this point and handed over an envelope with the girl or boy ultrasound picture to the balloon lady at the party store.  she filled the box and it was burning a hole in our car the whole way home!! daddy and i were very anxious to find out what was inside that box!

friday night we had our families over to witness the "balloon-box opening" and find out if you'd have a little sister or little brother! 

well, to much of our surprise, it's a .... 

GIRL!  you will be getting a baby sister at the end of september :)

your dad and i are so excited to have another little lady in our family! we absolutely love having a daughter and now even better...two daughters!  i do not have a sister and i look forward to the bond that you and your sister will share throughout life.  you will be close in age, so i hope you have a lot in common and grow to be each other's best friends.  your dad and i think we are doing pretty good at this "girl mom" stuff and look forward to many more years of headbands, accessories, and gymnastics class! (dirt-playing, knee-skinning, and bike-riding included!) 

you will always be our first baby girl, though.  the baby girl that made us parents.  the baby girl that taught us love is so much greater than you can imagine.  you are, and always will be, so incredibly special to us.  
we love you to the moon and back, nora boo!
mommy & daddy

i saw the pink sticking out before your dad :) 

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