Friday, February 7, 2014

hangin' with dad

good morning, darling!

every tuesday & friday you hang with dad instead of going to the sitter's house.  i have come to accept the fact that you are indeed, a daddy's girl.  every time you see him, you just light up in a way that melts his heart.  when he wakes you up in the morning you give him the biggest smile and kick your feet with genuine excitement.  every day daddy hangs with you he sends me pictures at work because he knows just how much i miss you.  here are some pictures from your days with dad.  
a little blurry, but grocery shopping with dad

hanging& playing with lucy 

eating, er, kissing daddy

just sitting in your high chair with Sophie

daddy cuddles

playing with your feet... your new favorite pastime 

i miss you every day while i'm at work, but i know you love being with your dad and i always look forward to the picture of the day! 
hugs & kisses,
mama & daddy

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  1. Pictures of the day are the best! They never get old....even 3.5 years later! Nora is so lucky to be able to spend so much time with her daddy! :)