Monday, January 27, 2014

5 months

nora marie,
how did we get here?! 5 months ago i couldn't even imagine this day, it seemed so far away! your "cousin" madolyn mae was born on your 5 month birthday and i canNOT wait to get the two of you little cutie pie's together!! 
well, i must say that this past month has brought the most changes!  you are growing into the most active, funny, sassy, and loving little lady.  you are constantly moving, laughing, giggling, and "giving kisses".  i love every minute we spend together and never take one of those minutes for granted.
the milestones this past month are definitely some of the biggest changes we've seen!  we set up your highchair and you enjoy playing in it while we eat dinner.  we tried to set up your jumper, but your physical therapist suggested that we don't use it as it isn't the best toy for babies with torticollis.  you are constantly grabbing at everything, toys, hair, faces, etc.  giving kisses is another new thing you do, although it really seems more like attacking our faces!  you are always throwing toys off the table/high chair. constant game we play.  you found your feet and try to play with them all the time, too.  you blow raspberries and giggle when we do it back to you.  when you're on your tummy you'll get your knees under you and attempt to propel yourself forward.  you also really started holding your bottle by yourself and will feed yourself for the most part, although you still need our help to tip it.  we've been practicing sitting up unassisted, but you fall forward after a few seconds.  in general, this month you have been much more aware, active, and nosey! you have to know what is going on everywhere around you! you love when visitors come over or we go out to restaurants--you just take in all the new scenes. 

we took you to the doctor today and you sure are packin' on the pounds, girlfriend! we took you in for a mid-month weight check at 4.5 months.  you hadn't gained too much from month 3 to month 4, so we wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up.  you now weigh 12 pounds 8 ounces and are back up into the 6th percentile!  you are 25 inches long... quite the long & lean lady! (where did you get that from!?) 

you are sleeping through the night still, and we thank you for that!  you sleep from 7:30pm-7:00am.  naps are still not that great, but you surprise us every once in awhile and take a 2+ hour long nap!  they range from 20 minutes to 2 hours.  typically you take 2 1-hour naps a day with an occasional evening cat nap after i pick you up from the sitter. when you learned to roll from your back to belly, you continuously did so in your sleep and would wake up SCREAMING for us to move you to your back.  fortunately, that only lasted a few days and you stay on your back now while sleeping.  still, the best part is getting you up from your nap with the BIGGEST smile on your face! you are just so excited to see mom & dad (or really whomever gets you up!). 

you are still drinking only milk, we will wait til closer to 6 months to start solids.  we started supplementing with 1 or 2 bottles a day about 2 weeks ago.  this helped you put on a few more ounces and you drink the formula well! you are not too picky about what you drink... hopefully this continues with food in a few months, too.  

you are still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  i just washed a few 3-6 month things and i think you could start wearing them, although they'll be slightly big.   i am starting to get anxious for you to wear all the adorable things in your closet.  you have a much better closet than i do! 

your favorite things still include your kick & play mat, sophie, your pacifier, MILK, and your hands.  seriously, hands in the mouth all. the. time.  you also love talking to your dolly & rubbing your face with the satin on the outside of your blankie.  you also continue to LOVE bath time and will try to grab the water as it comes out of the faucet. 

you started at the babysitter for the first time this month, too.  it was an adjustment the first few weeks, as you cried a lot (you just missed mommy, right?!) seriously though, you knew something was different about your world and couldn't figure it out.  eventually, you got the hang of it and have a good time playing with the other kiddos there.  dad drops you off and i pick you up right after school.  i count down the minutes at the end of the day when i can high tail it outta there and go see my little baby!  

our love for you continues to grow each and every day.  you are the best thing in our lives and we hope you know how very much you are loved.    
all our love,
mommy & daddy

5 months old!

what it's really like trying to take your picture... 

real life...
finally got some smiles from you, happy baby!

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