Friday, December 27, 2013

nora's first christmas

to my darling baby,

christmastime is always so magical.  sharing this wonderful holiday with you made it even more magical this year.  everyone always says seeing a holiday through a child's eyes makes it that much better.  it is so true.  although you really had no idea what was going on, i loved sharing this wonderful time of year with  you.  last year on christmas eve, we found out we were going to have a baby.  i told dad by putting something in his stocking and he was in SHOCK! now here were are, one year later, sharing this special time with you.  one year ago i could not imagine the love i would have for my baby girl and throughout christmas, i just kept looking at you thinking, "i am your mommy!  i have the best christmas gift ever.  i am so lucky."  
needless to say, these past two days (christmas eve and christmas day) were so joyous that i completely forgot to take pictures!  i'm hoping that your grandmas or uncles may have a few i will have to take!  
merry christmas!

christmas eve we went to my parents, grandma and grandpa's house. we're hoping to start/keep the tradition of celebrating christmas eve with my family and christmas day with your dad's family.  it is so nice to be able to spend an entire day/night with one side and not feel rushed to leave.  we truly enjoyed every minute of our holiday.  we had a gingerbread house decorating competition, ate a delicious dinner, and opened presents.  no one wanted to leave, but we knew santa would be coming soon so we needed to go to bed!
christmas eve family photo

daddy & nora on christmas eve

nora's spot at the dinner table, pre-nap

gingerbread houses... & wine

christmas morning we spent at home, our first christmas morning as a family of 3!  it's funny how christmas morning takes on a new element of love, wonder, and magic when you have a baby!  we opened santa's presents and made a special pancake breakfast.  we stayed in our pj's playing with your new toys all morning!
tired mommy & curious nora!

your first christmas present from santa!

even nora got an iphone!

new tummy time mat.. not so sure about it just yet... 

after your nap, we got dressed and headed over to your dad's parents, gigi and grandpa's house.  here we opened presents, played with your uncles, had a wonderful meal, and got many cuddles from aunts, uncles, grandmas, and all the people who love you so much! 
new PBK anywhere chair from gigi & grandpa! 

why yes,  you sure are mommy's favorite present!

it was hard to leave, as we knew christmas would be coming to an end once we got home.  when dad and i were laying in bed, we kept saying how lucky we were to have you as our daughter.  
merry christmas, nora marie! 
mommy & daddy 

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  1. I love the picture of her on the iPhone! I can't believe a year has passed since you found out you were pregnant! :)