Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 months old!

dear nora,
oh. my. goodness.  you're three months old today! (well, on the day that i actually wrote this... the day i finally posted it you are closer to 4 months! i knew this going back to work thing would be hard!)  you are seriously the most fun three month old ever!  we have been so fortunate to spend the past 3 months together, hanging out, getting used to this life together and they have been the most fun, rewarding yet challenging, and exciting months.  
you are becoming so aware of your world.  you love watching everything around you, earning you the nickname "nosey nora".  
you've had an exciting month 3 of life... 
you celebrated your first holiday (halloween)
you went to your first friend's birthday party (tyler's)
you went to a baby shower!
you met even more of mom & dad's aunts & uncles
saw your first snowfall
you went to mom's school to meet her students! 
and of course our time wouldn't be complete without play dates with our yoga friends!

we took you to your three month well visit last week and you weighed in at a whopping 10.5 pounds! you're getting up there, girlfriend!  you are almost 24 inches long, too.  the doctor said you will most likely be a petite little girl.  no shots this time around, thank goodness!  health wise, you're doing pretty good!  you got your first cold this month but never seemed to be bothered by it.  you also have really dry skin that also doesn't seem to bother you as much as it worries me!
dad, grandpa, uncle jimmy & gramps

you are still sleeping through the night! (woo hoo!) we put you down for bed at 8pm and you wake up around 7am, sometimes a bit earlier but you just suck on your hands and coo for awhile before we come get you.  you are still working on taking longer naps in your crib.  you'll sleep for about 30-45 min and then cry, cry, cry.  you just can't stand to be away from your mama for that long, i guess! you will sleep great in the car or on errands though.  

you eat every 3 hours during the day.  if you take a bottle, you drink about 5oz.  you seem to love your morning bottle from dad, as you even try to grab and hold it yourself! when he wakes you up in the morning, you kick your feet with excitement and give him/us the BIGGEST smiles and coos!  i'm definitely going to miss that when i am back at work next month :(

your favorite things include your pacifier (of course!), your swing, sucking on your hands,

and baths.  you still dislike diaper changes and getting into your car seat (cue the tears!) you also started really liking the football-hold recently.  it is usually what calms you down during your fussy time at night.  you like helping me cook in the kitchen, too!  you HATE tummy time, although you're getting more used to it.

you've been rolling over like crazy this month! i've got it on video a few times, too!  you also are starting to laugh.  it sounds more like a high-pitched scream, but it is accompanied by the biggest, gummy smile!  dad is usually the one that can get you to laugh! 

nora, these past 3 months have been by far, the best months of my life.  i am so happy i have been able to be home with you, even if some of the days were really rough (we were still learning together, right?!).  you are the happiest baby and bring so much joy to our lives. i'm so thankful that we've made it out of "the fourth trimester" and i know only great things are to come.  i'll be back at work after thanksgiving and it makes me so sad to leave you every day.  i wish i could spend every minute at home with you, but i know that i need to be a role model for you... i want to show you that you can have it all one day, little lady.  you can be a working woman and a great mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend, too.  you might not get any sleep and feel stretched thin, but you can do whatever you set your mind to!  
we love you to the moon and back!
mommy & daddy

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