Monday, March 7, 2016

nora 2.5

nora boo,
you LOVE to say that you are "two and a half"... this must make you feel like such a big girl! you love being a big girl and doing things that "only big girls" do :) then at times, you'll try and act like a baby so you can get the attention evelyn does.  
but oh big girl, we are just so proud of you! every day you amaze us with the new things you are learning and doing.  
you talk in complete sentences, usually pretty grammatically correct, too.  
you can tell us pretty much anything you are thinking, feeling, needing, wanting, etc. sometimes this is good and sometimes this is not so good :) 
you're potty trained! 
you can undress yourself and are working on dressing yourself.
you can put your coat on by yourself, and any kind of boots.  gym shoes are harder, but you're getting good at the Mary-Jane style of shoes... 
you love playing with your little sister and "helping" with anything that you can.
everything is, "i can do it!"
you LOVE puzzles and are pretty good at them. grandma just taught you how to play "memory" and are working so hard at taking turns!
you LOVE to build things... blocks, magnetic tiles, legos... you always want daddy to "make a ball" :)
you are quite the negotiator. you try and negotiate your way into whatever you want.
you're very dramatic. everything is said with a dramatic tone and you use your hands to talk--it's so cute!
you love "putting on shows" for evy with your microphone.
you make us laugh SO hard! daddy and i have to leave the room sometimes because we are laughing so hard at what you are doing or saying.
there are so many things that we love about you, nora. my recent favorite thing is listening to you sing songs to Evy, especially when she's crying. 
you love going to miss kathys and swim lessons. You miss gymnastics, so we'll get back to that this summer.  
you tell me every day, "you're my best friend mommy" and it just melts my heart. 
we love you dearly Nora boo and are just loving watching you grow into an independent, smart, and loving little girl!

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